Check Out Character-Building Program at 3 International School di Jakarta

Character-building program at the school is very crucial, it is because students do not only need academic excellence, but also a great character in life. According to that, nowadays a lot of schools start to implement excellent character-building programs for the students. Here are three international school di Jakarta that offer it.

3 International Schools that Offer Excellent Character-Building

  1. Global Sevilla

Global Sevilla offers both academic and non-academic excellence opportunities for students, also providing a strong character-building program based on mindfulness behavior. Moreover, mindfulness character-building is implemented to reach the fully present condition of students’ souls. It also makes them aware of everything at the moment.

So that is why mindfulness becomes the base of the character-building program in this school. Regardless of the fully present and aware of everything around, students can get a relaxed and calm mind. It will give them more concentration in the learning process and affects their academic result in the end.

  1. Sekolah Pelita Harapan

Sekolah Pelita Harapan offers balance programs both academic and spiritual excellence, it aims to create credible and well-behavior people. In particular, this school nurtures the student’s faith in God in their soul. In the classroom, students will teach Godly values through Biblical subjects that integrate with this international school di Jakarta curriculum.

Outside the classroom, students are also invited to join several programs in terms of spiritual formation. It includes chapel services and spiritual retreats. Chapel services guide students to get closer to God and practice their faith fully. Moreover, the spiritual retreats invite students to meditate, pray, and renew their faith in God in a quiet and relaxed place outside the city.

  1. Regality Academy

Regality Academy has a character-building program called The Leader in Me. It is purposed to transform the school community into a leadership community. Where this program teaches students 21st-century leadership and life skills, creating a culture of empowerment based on the leader mindset. Thus, it is inspired by Seven Highly-Effective Habits from Steven Covey.

Furthermore, these seven habits include proactive behavior, keeping everything on a plan, working first then playing, believing that everyone can win, listening before talking, synergizing together, and having a balanced life. Through these habits, students of this international school di Jakarta are expected to be credible people with a leadership soul.

From the list above, it can be concluded that these schools strive to build students’ character better than before in a positive way. Parents and students can discuss which school will be chosen. Thus, Global Sevilla can be the best option in terms of a character-building program, because this school pays attention to balancing students’ academic excellence and strong character-building.