Tourist destinations on the island of Bali

Tourist destinations on the island of Bali – A trip to Bali has topped many lists. Being one of the most charming and beautiful islands in the Indonesian archipelago, it is easy to see why. From treks through lush monkey-infested forests to surfing along volcanic sandy beaches, Bali offers visitors a vacation they will beg to repeat.

The elite island’s pristine coastline, incredible beaches and dazzling blue waters are a dream. From the popular white sandy spots on the south coast to the serene black beaches hidden by towering cliffs, you’ll never get bored by the beach. A haven for water sports, Bali’s beaches attract divers and surfers from all over the world. It’s also a phenomenal place for family vacations, with plenty of luxury beach resorts and fun water parks.

Now for the tricky part deciding which paradisiac beach to visit. We’ve narrowed down the choices with a list of the best beaches in Bali.


Treat yourself to an afternoon (or day) you’ll never forget in Seminyak, known as “the most stylish and luxurious beach resort area” in Bali. The small villages and warungs found elsewhere on the island are a stark contrast to the eclectic fashion boutiques and upscale restaurants near this beach.

The beaches are peppered with the highest class of accommodation. The Oberoi Beach Resort, Bali, for example, was one of the first luxury hotels in Seminyak and in the iconic (and luxurious) seaside beach resort.

The white sugar sands beg to sit on, but the perfect waves are what really draws the crowd. While rough enough to make swimming a challenge (especially for kids), the water in Seminyak is great fun for surfers. For those who prefer to sit and watch, there are plenty of opportunities to rent sun loungers or umbrellas.

You must have heard of the island’s stunning sunsets. Seminyak is another great place to see it. Local restaurants toss giant bean bags into the sand to offer weary beachgoers the optimal place to eat while enjoying an incredible show of natural wonders.

Insider Tip: Come early in the morning, or late in the evening when crowds are light.

5. Legian

A more laid-back beach than its close relatives, Seminyak (in the north) and Kuta (in the south), Legian offers tourists places to surf, body board, shop and relax in a more relaxed environment. The waves here can be big, which can sometimes make swimming a bit dubious, especially for the younger group (check the flags to see if swimming is prohibited while you’re there). But the wide, gold, and silver sandy beaches are ideal places to relax, have a picnic, or create a sand mermaid.

The paved beachfront path is another plus, making it an easy place to take the family for a walk or bike ride. Fly kites with the kids, pick up food from local vendors, or curl up in a lounge chair with a good book.

Insider Tip: Watch out for beach street vendors. They can become annoying while constantly bombarding you with their wares. If you’re not interested, try to be assertive. If so, you might just want to sample some refreshing coconut water or a lovely necklace to take home.

6. The Meadows

This beautiful beach is reached by walking down the stairs that you find after entering a hollow rock. Talk about exotic! Located on the southern coast of Bali, Padang Padang is even more charming with the giant rocks and limestone cliffs of the Bukit Peninsula surrounding its blue waves and golden sand.

Once a truly secluded place, this beach is famous for being where Julia Roberts’ character finds love in Eat, Pray, Love. The result: an influx of tourists and new western-style restaurants, shops, and surf inns aimed at the tourist crowd.

The majority of beachgoers are here to surf, as the waves are optimal for experienced surfers. Be careful: they destroy shallow reefs, so beginners are better off choosing safer beaches like Seminyak or Kuta for their first lessons. That said, the fine sands of Padang Padang are an inviting playground for families, while the local warungs offer traditional tourist food, as well as delicious treats.

7. Nusa Dua

When it comes to luxury, Nusa Dua has it all. Looking for the perfect honeymoon resort? Check. Want a relaxing massage? There are lots of spas. Want to play golf? It has its own 18 hole course. This beach is basically a giant peninsula of clean sand bordered by everything you never knew you needed. And it all covered in a gated complex.

In stark contrast to the bustling Kuta, Nusa Dua is quieter, more serene, and very luxurious. It’s an all-inclusive beach resort mecca, with more than 20 major resorts on its beaches. You can walk for miles along pristine white sand, gaping at the great hotels along your path. Soak in the inviting waters to freshen up, then cross the boardwalk to gaze out at the resort’s impressive pool or dine at one of their restaurants. popular tourist places.

Insider Tip: At the far end of the beach is a huge shopping complex, The Bali Collection, filled with upscale shops, restaurants and places to get everything from pedicures to hair braids.